My Next Level
  Increasing confidence for employment  interviews with certainty.

Interview preparation is essential and absolutely necessary in today's competitive environment. In understanding how difficult it is to secure employment without effective interviewing skills, we consider it a privilege to assist you. It doesn't matter if you have interviewing experience or if this is your first interview, My Next Level has individualized coaching to meet your needs.

What we offer: We assist high school students, college students and adults with workplace experience by helping them master the art of responding  effectively to interview questions and scenarios.
We also assist organizations by helping them retain talent, increase engagement and develop employees thanks to our concept, 4-Step Interview Prep.

How: We help you identify skills/experiences necessary for a role, then help you articulate them effectively during an interview. Our systematic approach can improve your interviewing skills, can achieve interview success and can increase your confidence.

Why: Effective preparation increases confidence > can lead to a successful interview > can ultimately increase your opportunity to secure/sustain employment.

"You have to sell your vision to an employer. This will usually mean doing interviews where you are expected not only to communicate your qualifications, but to share your ideas on how you can become a person of value to the company." ~ DeVon Franklin, author of Produced by Faith

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